Protect Your Safety with Professional Transport Services

There are many transportation options available in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area, from Uber and Lyft to taxis and limo services. While each has its benefits, when it comes to safety and security, there is a significant difference between ride-sharing and professional car services. At Minnesota’s Best Car Service, we take the safety of our clients seriously. Here are a few reasons why choosing a professional car service over a ride share can protect your safety and security.

Professional Drivers

When you order an Uber or Lyft, you have no idea about the driver’s qualifications. They may have a valid driving license, but their background is completely unknown. At Minnesota’s Best Car Service, we’ve heard stories from customers about the concerning behavior of ride-share drivers. Things including using drugs before their shift and talking about it to unwanted sexual advances are reported. In addition, not knowing who you will ride with can be very unsettling and unsafe.

Minnesota’s Best Car Service vets all our drivers and only hires friendly, professional and experienced individuals. In addition, we perform background checks and drug testing to ensure we only have the best-of-best to care for our clients’ transportation needs.

Elegant and Reliable Fleet

You never know the condition of the vehicle of a ride-share service. Has it been serviced for brake, tire and engine safety? Do the seatbelts and airbags work correctly? You want to know that you are entering a safe vehicle that has been maintained to the optimal level.

Our fleet of sophisticated black cars and SUVs is maintained to the highest standards.  Each vehicle is required to pass an inspection at any given time by a MN State Trooper. As a result, you will arrive at your destination in style with the peace of mind that you will always be picked up in a reliable, elegant vehicle.

Arrive Safely On-Time

At Minnesota’s Best Car Service, we are your source for executive car services for your business or family. We offer point-to-point transportation that is reliable and always on schedule. Our vetted, professional drivers and elegant fleet are at your disposal, with your safety and security as our top priorities. Next time you need personal transportation in the Twin Cities or surrounding areas, skip the ride-share app and contact our professional driving team at Minnesota’s Best Car Service.


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